Our Values


Over 32 years of business operation, we believe that trust must come first, and business will follow. Our customers can easily find critical information about our products and services before they make the purchase. Furthermore, customer services of Erakomp are also available for any concerns from our customers.


For us, quality is essential to retain and to increase the loyalty of our customers. Both products and services are delivered with high quality approaches. All products we sell are original and we do care with before and after purchase services.


We understand that building business is not only about selling, but it is also about creating relationship. We always provide full supports to help customers find the products or services that they dream. Door for discussions and feedbacs are also widely open to make sure evertyng goes within our expectations.


At Erakomp, integrity is one of the single most important qualities that we always instil in our team. We encourage our team to be reliable and accountable, have a set of ethical principles, and treat all stakeholders with respect.