About Us

Known by the name of Erasoft Solutions, our Software Division is the first to operate in PT Erakomp Infonusa. Since its establishment in 1988, Erasoft Solutions has been creating and developing business-application software produtcs for small-, medium-, and large-scale companies.

Erasoft Solutions` products are for a wide range of business applications to include : Financial Accounting, Trading & Distribution, Manufacturing System, Human Resources System, Tenancy System, Multi-Finance Systems.

Each Erasoft products is a fully integrated, user-friendly, and upgradeable system that adopts the state-of-the-art IT technology and the multiple-company, multiplecurrency system. It is fully intergrated because it is consists of modules that are intergrated to one another and that can be progressively installed as the business requirements of the customers increase. It is user-friendly because it incorporates all the benefits of the Windows-based technology.

Each Erasoft product is upgradeable to meet the growing and increasing complex needs the customer`s expanding company. The cutomer`s investment in our products is, therefore, safeguarded and well-protected.

Erasoft Solutions takes pride in having been choosen to represent Indonesia in the 2001 Asia-Pacific software competition event called APICTA (Asia-Pacific Information and Communication Technology Awards), which was held in Malaysia in September,2001. This shows that PT Erakomp Infonusa`s Software Division has been nationally and internationally recognized as a leading developer of software products in Indonesia.